Monday, November 3, 2014

faux fur pillow covers

One of the quickest & most surefire ways to update your decor each season is switching up your decorative pillows. And I love fall inspired pillow covers. But I always run into the problem of having expensive taste & an unwillingness to fork over much money at all, especially if I think I can make it myself.

This season, I found myself longing for these faux fur pillow covers from Pottery Barn.

However, the PB version is forty bucks a pop! Ouch.

So instead, I made some & I was able to make multiple pillow covers in different faux furs for the price of one Pottery Barn cover.

And with a little gumption & know-how, you can too!

Buy some faux fur.

I found several different faux fur throws at TJ Maxx for $19 each.

Measure the pillows you are covering.

Mine were 18", which is a pretty common pillow size.

Cut your fabric.

To do an envelope-style pillow cover, you will cut one front piece & two back pieces. If your pillow is 18" x 18", you can just use the numbers I used...they are in bold below.

For the front piece, add an inch to the measurements of your pillow (since mine was an 18" pillow, my front piece was 19" x 19"). This will give you a 1/2" seam allowance. For the back pieces, divide the pillow measurement by 2 & add 4" (so I did 18" divided by 2 = 9" plus 4" = 13". Thus my back pieces were 19" x 13"). These pieces will overlap in the back of the pillow case to give you a place to insert your pillow. To cut my pieces, I used a cutting mat, rotary cutter & clear acrylic quilting ruler. This was definitely a helpful piece of equipment to have. My fur was sort of stretchy & it would have been difficult to get a straight cut with scissors. But do whatever works best for you.

Hem the back pieces.

To do this, fold over the fabric of one of the 19" sides about 3/4" & sew across with the longest stitch on your machine. I used a walking presser foot for all the sewing, which helped feed the material evenly & keep it from slipping.

Sew the 3 pieces together.

Now it is time to pin the pieces together. Lay the front piece the "right" side facing up. Lay one back piece on top of this with the "wrong" side facing up & the hemmed 19" edge toward the center. Pin the fabric in place along the raw 19". Sew this with a 1/2" seam allowance. Do the same with the other back piece. This should give you one long piece of 19" wide fabric, hemmed on either end.

Fold the back pieces onto the front piece so the "right sides face each other. Pin along the unsewn edges. Sew with a 1/2" seam.

Insert your pillow & enjoy!

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